Our auditing approach is risk orientated, whereby the nature of our audit is tailored to the individual risk of the company being audited as well as keeping in mind what is essential to the job at hand.

In order to give you the greatest benefit possible, we want to know as much as possible about your sector of business and your company.
This will allow us to go beyond merely auditing your company and make us able to advise you as part of our auditing mandate. The knowledge we gain is an invaluable part of generating new input and ideas for forming the organisation and with it, ensuring the continuing growth of your company.

Our auditing approach bases on the following primary factors:


The planning stage comprises an analysis of the essential risk factors, which are then discussed with the company’s management.
In doing so, we avoid doing work in risk-less or irrelevant areas.
Any special requirements on behalf of management can be taken into account.

The result of this first stage is the inspection plan, which is also discussed with management.


The survey and review of the internal monitoring system is already done as part of the pre-audit. Splitting the workload in this way signifies less pressure on the client’s personnel during or immediately before the final stages of our audit.

Surveying the internal monitoring system allows us to identify possible weak points in the process organisation. Any weaknesses identified as well as managerial suggestions that could be of use to management will be discussed and set out in a separate report.

Final Audit

The final audit begins with a meeting with the board of directors prior to completing the final report
with the advantage of being able to discuss the fundamental aspects of closing before finalising the proceedings.
This discussion with a specialist has the purpose of clarifying any queries that may arise regarding the final report in good time
and is an important factor in efficiently completing the final audit.
By involving our tax specialists, we can also clear up any tax queries as they arise.

The reporting and the results of the final audit will be discussed with the board of directors in a timely manner.