Pension fund planning

  • I am 50 years old or older.
  • I will work for a maximum of 14/15 years until I retire
  • But I could also imagine reducing my workload early or even giving up active employment earlier!

In the media I read more and more often that:

I ask myself:

Dear pension fund saver

“Longevity cuts pensions!”. If one does not want to submit idly to economic and political developments, the challenge of personal pension optimization arises.

The public discussion regarding pension planning focuses primarily on the question of how pension plans can finance the demographic development of longevity.
In this context, in addition to the increase in the retirement age, the focus is on adjustments to the savings contributions by employees and employers as well as changes in strategy with regard to investments by the pension funds to presumably increase the return.

Our partner, Roger Boccali, has undertaken a comprehensive study on the subject of how employees can optimize their personal pension provision.
Under the term “fourth contributor”, the study shows how the state can help to increase the personal retirement capital or pension/capital withdrawal in the form of tax savings due to targeted pension measures.
To complement the student research, we developed a tool for calculating capital requirements, tax savings, and determining the rate of return. The tax burden on the withdrawal of benefits (annuity or lump sum) rounds off this comprehensive but understandable analysis.

Tax optimization within the scope of the 2nd pillar and pillar 3a is not within the remit and competence of the pension funds.
You are responsible for these precautionary measures.
In the best case, you will receive support from your employer.
However, people are often left alone when it comes to this important issue.

In summary, the aim is to understand the personal and financial situation with regard to retirement planning, to define the goals in consideration of the personal financial possibilities and to initiate possible measures in a timely manner.

As we all know, financial independence and planning security, among other things, are important elements for enjoying the time after active employment without worries.
From my point of view, it is advisable to start planning your personal pension while you are still in active employment – from the age of 50.

Roger Boccali will be happy to analyze your personal situation with you (time required: about 2 hours) so that your pension provision can be planned in a targeted manner.
Of course, the topic of individual pension planning can also be discussed in group meetings as a first step, after which individual analyses can be prepared if required.

For questions and further explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us.