Business Consulting

Internal Reporting

Part of your entrepreneurial success is maintaining a slender and efficient business administration. Your accountant reliably masters daily business and compiles the annual financial statements according to the regulations of stock corporation law.

You have, however, been planning to do such things as setting a correct annual budget or compiling meaningful interim financial statements including a budget comparison and performance projection.

Within due time, we establish an internal reporting system, which is tailored specifically to the needs of your company together with your accountant.
Upon implementing this system, we are happy to help you correctly interpret the data and results obtained.

A professional reporting procedure is the indispensable basis of every successful company and gives you the necessary confidence in making your corporate decisions.


You are looking for the right accountancy software for your company.
However, due to the substantial investment cost involved and your limited human resources, you are considering the possibility of having your accounts kept outside your company (Outsourcing).

We handle your accounting professionally, be it internally on-site or externally in our own offices.
Upon request we can set out budgets for you and/or produce meaningful interim financial statements.
The beauty of this system is that we are able to offer you our services efficiently and timely year-round without you having to take such matters as holidays, absent employees etc. into consideration.

Financial Statement Consulting

As a smart and experienced negotiator you are very skilled in successfully selling your own products and services.
However, discussions with your auditor or bank representative regularly leave you with an uneasy feeling.
You simply feel you are lacking knowledge in this particular area and thus entirely dependent on the financial specialists.

Therefore we consult you as part of finalising the financial statements, in order to avoid such difficult situations in the future.
We are also happy to take part in meetings with the aforementioned specialist as your accredited financial expert, which puts you in a better position for discussing and negotiating certain matters.


You are the innovative, dedicated and enterprising head of a successful company.
Your products and services have not only proven themselves to be successful and reliable, but are steadily expanding into new market areas.

You can rely on your staff as being exceptionally performing as well as highly specialised in their field of work.
However, the level of leadership experience in your team is comparatively low.

In addition to this, you are planning to gradually withdraw from business in the near future and would like to place the managerial responsibility into younger hands.

We support you noticeably during this critical time by actively guiding you as you make important decisions.
For example, we can offer support in the form of consulting and management mandates.

Contact us the moment you have decided on how you would like to proceed with regards to your succession.
Both you and your company will draw the most benefit if we can support you right from the beginning of this period of change.